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Wildwood Multifunctional Rustic Bookcase With 8 Open Shelves

Estimated Delivery 2-4 Working Days
Sturdy Metal Frame
Available in Multiple Colours
Assembly Required
Estimated Delivery 3-5 Working Days
Real Wood Veneer
Can Be Used As a Room Divider
8 Open Shelves
Colour: White

Wildwood Rustic Bookcase

Create a beautiful rustic look in your living room, family room, den, or home office with the Wildwood Bookcase/Room Divider. This item has 8 open shelves to keep your books, knick-knacks, decorative items, photos, and more on. Use it as either a bookcase against a wall or get creative and use it to separate a large space.

Use as a bookcase to place your favorite books or as a place to keep your knick-knacks, decorative items, photos, and more. It's also finished on all sides so you can also place it in the middle of a large space and divide your space into 2 rooms. The 8 open shelves make it easy to display your items.


  • Coordinate your space with the rest of the Wildwood items (sold separately).
  • Each Bookcase/Room Divider ships flat to your door and is ready to be assembled upon opening.
  • The bookcase is made of real wood veneer and with metal accents and side supports
  • Height: 1524mm
  • Width: 919mm
  • Depth: 329mm
  • Weight: 32.9 Kg